Build a transportation system that meets our growing demands.



Provide Local Citizens the Opportunity to Fund Local Public Transit: The Treasure Valley is expected to have 1,000,000 residents by 2040.  That’s a 50% increase over today’s population and a lot more people needing to get around the Valley and into downtown Boise and Garden City.  We cannot build our way out of congestion only by expanding our road system.  In order to be able to move people around the Valley and control congestion we need to improve our public transit system, and we need to fund the expansion of that system.  It will be a priority of mine to work on giving local government the authority to reach out to its residents and ask them to vote on whether or not they would like to fund expansion of our public transit system.

Improve Bike and Pedestrian Routes: Up to 60% of residents would choose to bike or walk to local destinations if they felt safe doing so.  We need to ensure that there are safe and well-connected pedestrian and bike routes for anyone who chooses to use those forms of transportation.  I will work to make sure ITD has the funding and direction to effectively work with local governments on bike and pedestrian transportation.