Keep our legendary public lands and wildlife in public hands.



Ensure that Our Public Lands Remain Public and Accessible to All Idahoans: Our public lands are a national treasure.  They are beloved by Idahoans and available to all of us to camp, fish, hunt, hike, ride, boat, or simply take in during a scenic drive.  They are the reason that many people choose to live in Idaho, and they are a major economic driver for our state and many of our rural communities.  Yet some Idaho politicians would like to transfer ownership or management of our public lands to the state and private interests for commercial gain.  I will vigorously oppose all efforts to sell, transfer, privatize, or degrade the management of our public lands.

Keep Wildlife Management Free from Politicization and Privatization: Idaho contains some of the greatest wildlife populations in all of North America. Our elk, deer, salmon, bighorn and trout are the envy of many states.  They are held in trust for all Idahoans and should be managed to ensure that their populations endure for generations to come.  Some Idaho politicians have pushed to politicize wildlife management for special interest gains and to privatize some wildlife by allowing special tags to be sold to the highest bidder. We must ensure that our wildlife continue to be managed without political interference or privatization so that all Idahoans can continue to hunt, fish and enjoy our wildlife for generations into the future.