All Idahoans have access to health care that meets their needs.



Close the Gap (Expand Medicaid): 62,000 Idahoans remain without access to quality health care because they make too little to qualify for subsidized health insurance on the insurance exchange and remain ineligible for Medicaid because the Idaho legislature has refused to expand Medicaid.  To close this gap, we need to fully expand Medicaid in Idaho.  By fully expanding Medicaid, Idahoans making below 138% of the federal poverty level would be eligible to receive Medicaid.  The expansion would be nearly revenue neutral, and here’s the kicker – as tax-paying Idahoans, we are already paying for our Medicaid expansion but not receiving any of the benefits!  We pay federal taxes just like all other Americans, but our taxes are helping to expand Medicaid in other states rather than coming back to Idaho to help our own citizens.  Let’s take care of all Idahoans and get our tax dollars coming back into our state at the same time by fully expanding Medicaid.

Require Insurance Companies in Idaho to Cover the Cost of Birth Control for Up to One Year at a Time: Allow women to have the freedom to control their own health care decisions in a way that works for them.  We should not be forcing women to have to make a choice between going to work or going to their doctor to take care of their health.