Organization Endorsements

Idaho Education Association

Boise Education Association

"As the chair of the Boise Education Association’s Government Relation and Political Action Committee I am pleased to endorse Rob Mason in his campaign for District 16 House Seat B.   The success of the industry of education is predicated on making relationships with colleagues and students - Rob has an outstanding history of building coalitions and networks across Idaho’s diverse geopolitical and socioeconomic areas to achieve common goals.  I know that Rob will be able to apply these skills within the dynamic legislature to make sure his constituents voices are heard and that progressive policies are enacted." - Allie Bigham, Boise Education Association

Conservation Voters for Idaho

"Rob is a proven conservation champion who has built bridges and friendships throughout Idaho. His voice will provide powerful leadership to protect our state’s public lands, advocate for our citizens, and ensure that future generations of Idahoans can succeed and prosper. Rob’s commitment to his community and to his fellow Idahoans is unsurpassed, and CVI firmly believes his voice is needed in the Statehouse."


Planned Parenthood Votes Northwest & Hawaii

Professional Fire Fighters of Idaho

Boise Central Trades and Labor Council

Boise Fire Fighters Local 149

Southwest Idaho National Organization for Women

Individual Endorsements

Rep. Hy Kloc - District 16 State Representative, Seat B (retiring)

“I am proud that someone like Rob Mason will represent the people of District 16 in the Idaho House of Representatives. We need strong leaders who want to invest in education so that every Idahoan - no matter where they live - will have a fair shot at success. Rob is also an expert when it comes to preserving access to our public lands. We need someone with his kind of know-how and values to represent the people of our district.”

Elfreda Higgins - Garden City Council Member and former District 16 State Representative

"I am endorsing Rob Mason for Idaho State Representative, District 16, Seat B. Rob will work to make certain that our much loved public lands will stay open for the enjoyment of all. He has an excellent grasp of the land issues due to his work with the Selway-Bitterroot Frank Church Foundation, The Wilderness Society and on the Boulder-White Clouds protection initiative. Rob is the perfect energetic, knowledgeable person to represent us. We are in good hands with Rob!"

Dave Bieter - Mayor of Boise

"For years Rob has been bringing Idahoans together to improve our neighborhoods here in Boise and protect our natural resources across Idaho. I was happy to award Rob the City of Boise's Good Neighbor Award just two years ago.  I'm proud to endorse Rob Mason for the State Representative in District 16 because I know he has the ability to bring people together and create solutions that work for all of us."

Lauren McLean - Boise City Council President

"Rob has a unique track record of creating real change in Boise and across Idaho. His proven ability to bring together diverse coalitions of people to solve issues in our community will help him be an effective advocate for all of us. With Rob in the Statehouse we’ll have a champion for conservation, economic opportunity and strong schools - all the things that make Boise, and Idaho, great. I urge you to support his candidacy for District 16 Representative."

Holli Woodings - Boise City Council Member

"From rural land conservation to urban transportation, Rob’s success in complicated issues shows that he has what it takes to be effective at the Capitol. He’s someone who brings people to the table to make progress for all."

Les Bock - Former District 16 State Senator and State Representative

Anne Hausrath - Former Boise City Council Member

"I whole-heartedly endorse Rob Mason as Democratic candidate for the Idaho legislature from District 16. I met Rob through the Boise Bike Boulevard Coalition (BBBC) and am very impressed by his leadership style. He is smart, calm, organized and able to negotiate differing view points with good humor; assets which will make him a fine advocate in the Idaho legislature."

Rick Johnson - Idaho conservation leader

"Rob has spent the last decade bringing together diverse coalitions of Idahoans to achieve conservation gains in some of Idaho's most challenging political environments.  I firmly believe that track record of leadership will allow Rob to make gains in the Legislature not only for conservation, but for education, health care, equity and other important Idaho issues.  I urge you to support Rob's run for the State House in District 16.  I consider support for Rob to be an investment in how we are going to achieve real change for Idahoans in the future."

Paul Woods - ACHD Commissioner

"Rob Mason has been an exceptional leader for our community.  When Rob sees an issue that needs to be addressed, he fights for it.  Rob's initiative to organize a grass roots movement to promote low stress bike networks throughout Ada County speaks to his ability to take on difficult issues.  I believe Rob Mason will provide the strong voice that District 16 needs in the Idaho Legislature."

Brooke Green - Vice Chair, Ada County Democrats

"Rob's enthusiasm, work ethic and outstanding ability to build strategic partnerships will significantly influence our state and the Boise community.  I have had the pleasure to work with Rob for the past few years while he diligently worked to address our community's need for bike facilities, and throughout that time was astonished at his ability to get different neighborhood associations with various interests all aligned in the same direction.  Rob is a remarkable listener and creative problem solver who recognizes that significant gains will take small, incremental steps.  I am thrilled to see Rob run for office and look forward to his bright career contributing to the future of Idaho."

Beth Oppenheimer & Jonathan Oppenheimer

"Rob understands the importance of supporting families, protecting our quality of life, and quality education. He has demonstrated the skills necessary to build bridges with decision-makers and find solutions that benefit all Idahoans. We are excited to support Rob Mason for the Idaho Legislature!"

Sam Sandmire

"The thing that impresses me the most about Rob is that he has a track record of delivering progressive change in Idaho in many different arenas. His work on public lands, transportation and health care demonstrate a commitment to addressing a wide array of issues that matter to Idahoans. His abilities to build coalitions and work with Idahoans of all stripes are skills that we need in our legislature if we are going to get anything done. Over the past decade, Rob has proven his ability create positive change in Idaho, and I urge you to support his candidacy for Idaho State Representative in District 16 Seat B."

Jimmy Hallyburton - Founder and Executive Director of Boise Bicycle Project

Michelle Doane - President of Sunset Neighborhood Association

Ron Marler - President of West Bench Neighborhood Association

Matt Ciranni - President of Veteran's Park Neighborhood Association

Kay Hummel & Jeff Fereday

Melanie Flitton Folwell

Cathy Stuart Sherman