Ensure access to high-quality education for all Idaho kids.



Improve Teacher Recruitment and Retention: Idaho continues to face a teacher shortage. We also need to invest in our amazing public educators, and the next generation of Idaho teachers, by continuing to work towards a pay scale that is competitive, providing more opportunities for professional development and career advancement, and considering loan forgiveness for teachers in areas where we have the most severe shortages.

Provide Our School Districts with Resources They Need to Provide Top-Quality Public Education: Idaho is already 48th out of 50 states in per capita student spending for K-12 schools.  We need to provide more funding for our schools and discourage vouchers that divert even more funding away from public education. Reducing some state-mandated requirements on teachers and trusting them to perform their jobs will also add capacity to schools to focus on quality education.

Expand Access to Early Childhood Public Education: The early years of life are vitally important to a child’s brain development.  Currently, Idaho does not provide any state investment for preschool and only funds half-day kindergarten.  Studies have shown that students who attend preschool and full-day kindergarten fare better throughout their entire academic career, which often leads to greater career opportunities and financial stability.  Let’s expand state investment in early childhood education so that all of Idaho’s children have an equal chance at academic success.